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FACE Bermuda is an association that helps people with facial disfigurements by providing a support team, and information about coping with facial disfigurements. It also aims to educate the public on the various conditions that exist, and also plans to raise money for people that need help paying for surgeries.


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Facial Disfigurements

Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate
Cleft Lip 

Cleft Lip is a craniofacial condition where a baby is born with a hole in his or her lip. This cut can lead from the top lip into the nose. There can be one cut (unilateral) or two cuts (bilateral). Both Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate can be caused by genetics, drugs, alcohol, and other external sources. 

Cleft Palate

Cleft Palate is a craniofacial condition where a baby is born with an opening in his or her palate (the roof of your mouth). This opening leads to the nose. It is possible to have cleft palate without having cleft lip, and vice versa. 

Other Major Facial Disfigurements
Facial Trauma

Many people are not born with facial disfigurements, but have accidents which cause them. Vehicle crashes are one type of accident. The impact of the crash can damage a face, and things like road rash can leave permanent scars. Fires can also be caused by accidents, and they can burn people. Many other kinds of accidents can cause facial trauma, such as explosions, falls, and assaults.


Birthmarks are marks on a baby's skin that are present at birth or after. They are harmless, but many people want to cover them up using products. There are different types of birthmarks. Pigmented types are one category, and include moles and Mongolian spots. The other type is a vascular birthmark, which are usually bigger and more red.  Some vascular birthmarks are strawberry marks, stork bites, and port-wine stain. 1 in 10 children are born with vascular birthmarks (dermlasersurgery.com).


Many facial disfigurements are caused by burns. There are electric, chemical, and thermal burns (which are caused by heat and fire). An electric burn is a burn caused by electricity, and be very dangerous depending on the voltage of the burn. Electric burns can be caused by lighting strikes, electric fences and high voltage machines. Thermal burns can be caused by fires, touching hot metal objects, and friction (such as road rash). A face can easily become disfigured by being burned.


Cancer is a disease in which there are overgrown cells that become enemies to the body. Many of the treatments can affect people's faces, causing them to often become disfigured. People have to get surgery in order to take out the cancer cells, or tumors. Surgeries that treat facial cancers, can disfigure the faces, by creating scars. Radiation Therapy can also cause facial disfigurements, since healthy cells die as well as cancer cells. Although these treatments can sometimes disfigure a face, and it is better for patients to do them, than to be killed by cancer.


Vitiligo is a skin condition where patches of skin lose their color.  This is caused when melancytes, the cells that make pigment, are destroyed. 1% of the world's population, (about 50 million people in total), have the condition (Frequently Asked Questions, Vitiligo Support International). The look of it can be reduced with skin camouflaging. 

Support Team

Really Cool Medical People who helped me with this project

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Norma Latham talks about her experiences in Burundi

Team Ness

Peter's Cookbook

Healthy eating has always been important in my house so when I was still able to eat a variety of nutritious foods that also tasted great, my recoveries became that much easier. My parents have always given me a lot of love, and taught me about caring for others.  Their efforts to find me edible, delicious food during my recoveries were one way they showed their love for me.  


And when I thought about that and our years of healthy eating, the idea for this cookbook arrived. 

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